The world's first shopping community for same-day grocery delivery orders

Have you ever been in trouble because of something missing at home, and realizing that you don't have neither time nor a way to get to a grocery?

Then with Milkplease you can ask to get quickly shopping at home or scrape up some money making small deliveries.

Milkplease is accessible via web and mobile where you can send a request to other users in the same area, where they can deliver your shopping.

  1. Oops! Something missing in the fridge...

    Step 1

    Do you have short time and cannot go shopping?

  2. Meanwhile at the grocery...

    Step 2

    Someone is doing her own shopping and see the request. She finds it not a big deal and she decides to take care of it.

  3. It's just matter of time...

    Step 3

    Shopping arrives at your door step. In the while Milkplease sends the money back to the delivery man with a little reward.

Milkplease advantages everyone:

  1. Groceries have an innovative delivery service without any fixed cost through a worldwide scalable solution
  2. The delivery man scrapes up some money with a minimal additional effort
  3. Enhance the value of your time, freeing you to decide how to spend it. Moreover saving gas cost for your auto
  4. Most of all the environment takes advantage of less pollution caused by unnecessary traffic
  5. Last but not least Milkplease is a good way to get in touch with new people, perhaps living at your same neighborhood and never met before